Creating a More Agile & Reliable Mine through Supply Chain Optimization

Enable Digital Transformation Across The Entire Value Chain By Combining People, Assets, Process & Technology


Every mining company must address the following aspects of their Value Chain:

  • Horizontal Coverage: Mining companies today lack agility in the way they operate and run their value chain, majority are push supply but ideal is the ability to run it as hybrid of Push & Pull.
  • Organizational Structure: Too many mining operations function in business silos which creates difficulties in planning, scheduling, miscommunication across sections of the value chain, and lack of visibility from pit-to-port.

Instead, mines need to change their way of operating, from reactive to more predictive practices. Digital Transformation enables companies to do this by becoming more agile and reliable, as well as having the ability to go supply chain versus demand chain. This presentation will discuss how mining companies can eliminate the silos with their business organizationally and through systems, enhancing connection of the mine pit-to-port.

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Ammar Wahab

Global Sales Lead, Unified Supply Chain Management - Mining, Minerals & Metals, AVEVA

A post graduate in Electronic & Computer Engineering from University of Nottingham - UK, he has over 12 years of experience in METS & Mining companies. Last 6 years have been focussed on Business Improvement areas for Mining companies where optimising their Supply Chain, defining strategies for greenfield & brownfield expansions project to bring about Remote Operations Centre’s. His role in AVEVA is to help define with customers their Digitalization roadmap, executable in bite size chunks underpinned by leading edge solutions of AVEVA in areas of Operational Lifecycle.


Rachel Carson

MarCom Specialist, Mining and Power, AVEVA

Rachel is primarily responsible for expanding perception and awareness of AVEVA's Mining & Power solutions and marketing their operational benefits. Rachel graduated from Liberty University in 2018 and holds a B.S. in Strategic Communication: PR & Advertising.

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