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Oil and Gas

Achieve Maximum Return on O&G Assets

There is a revolution happening in asset performance management (APM). The intersection of Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and technologies such as predictive maintenance, cloud, big data and mobility is bringing the asset to the forefront of the business. This is the future of APM – APM 4.0.

Oil and gas is the world’s most asset-intensive industry, with global upstream spending topping $3 trillion, but the sector’s average return of asset (ROA) was just 7.5%, compared to industrial machinery and semiconductors, which had average ROAs of between 30% - 60%.1

After implementing APM strategies, companies have reported improvements in operational and financial impacts:2

  • 21% increase in OEE
  • 70% reduction in breakdowns
  • 25% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 18% increase in operating margin

Join our webinar and learn how APM 4.0 transforms industrial assets from cost centers to key drivers of revenue and profitability, to help you achieve operational excellence.

Date: July 31, 2018

Time: 1 PM (Singapore) | 3 PM (Sydney) | 10:30 AM (Delhi)

Webinar Duration: One Hour

1Asset Performance Management Maturity Model, Capgemini (2017)
2Accelerating the oil and gas industry’s journey to the Industrial Internet, E&Y (2017)


Ben Creagh

Editor, Oil & Gas (AM)

Ben Creagh, has 14 years of experience in media and communications. He joined Prime Creative Media as Editor of Australian Mining in 2016. Much of Ben’s work experience has focused on the oil and gas, mining and resources industries, in Australia and internationally.



Director for Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities and Pipelines

Glenn Fermoyle is AVEVA’s Australian Segment Director for Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities and Pipelines with a national responsibility to assist customers and drive value and sales in these sectors. He started his career as an applications programmer at IBM for 10 years and then moved into software sales with Dimension Data, ASG and Oracle as he transitioned into the world of Process Automation with Honeywell, Schneider-Electric Software (now AVEVA).

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Oil and Gas
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