Digitalization to Cognition Effective digital strategies to prepare for a smarter, more resilient future

How Effective Digital Strategies Today Prepare the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries For A Smarter, More Resilient Future.

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The Petroleum Industry remains the most important foundation of the global economy. But the oil price crash, coupled with the C19 pandemic, has brought startling clarity to one vital learning: business as usual cannot continue. The players who survive today to thrive tomorrow will be those who make the necessary changes: and foremost amongst these is committing to unleashing the full power of Digitalization. 

In this webinar, Amit Kar will talk about how doing so will take companies to the next level of safety, sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness – Cognition. He will discuss building blocks of a digitalization approach that can be applied in greenfield and brownfield projects, and extended into operations and maintenance. This webinar will help clarify possibilities for industry leaders currently considering an overwhelming array of challenges and digital solutions.

Duration: One Hour

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Amit Kar

Director, Global Pursuits – EMEA, AVEVA

Amit Kar has 20 years’ experience exploiting the power of Digitalization to tackle the management and operational challenges of Oil & Gas. By translating technology into value, Amit focuses on conveying the business impact of Digitalization – for both Owner/Operators and EPCs, as well as greenfield and brownfield investments – and advises on developing strategies to capture value. His global experience includes some of the world’s most challenging projects and operational environments, from West Africa to the Middle East and SE Asia. Amit has a BSc in Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MBA from New York Institute of Technology. He is a published photographer and keen tennis player, and lives in Dubai with his wife, two sons, dog and guinea pig.

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