Driving operational excellence in the chemical industry

Understand how to drive operational excellence by uncovering hidden opportunities through data with LNS Research and AVEVA experts.


Players in the chemical industry can improve operational performance with better execution

Drive Operational Excellence in the Chemical Industry

In this webinar, Joe Perino from LNS Research, and Stephen Reynolds from AVEVA, will discuss how to improve operational excellence through the use of process and plant data, and how this can impact corporate performance. 

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The relationship between performance improvement and the use of technology such as operational technology (OT), industrial internet of things (IIoT), and advanced analytics
  • The impacts on corporate performance
  • The challenges faced by chemical companies
  • How to increase the time to value from investments in Digital Transformation
  • Real stories about how chemical companies are driving operational excellence

Duration: One Hour

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Stephen Reynolds

Chemicals Industry Principal, AVEVA

Stephen Reynolds is the Chemicals Industry Principal at AVEVA. He is a 20-year chemical engineer with experience in the polyethylene, polypropylene, methacrylate, and phenol processes. Beginning as a unit engineer in a small polymers plant, his industry roles evolved to include unit engineering, operations excellence facilitation, operations management, and continuous improvement management. Stephen has been with OSIsoft, now AVEVA, since 2016 spending time in the center of excellence and customer success groups before joining the Industry team.


Joe Perino

Research Analyst, LNS Research

Joe Perino is a Research Analyst with LNS Research; where he primarily focuses on industrial transformation and operational excellence for oil and gas, process manufacturing and other asset-intensive industries. He also provides collaborative coverage across the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data, Cloud, advanced analytics, Edge computing, the Digital Twin, robotic process automation, blockchain, and asset performance management.

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Driving operational excellence in the chemical industry

Understand how to drive operational excellence in the chemical industry by uncovering hidden opportunities through data with LNS and AVEVA experts.

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