Building the plant of the future: A how-to guide

Watch AVEVA’s Julien De Beer, Head of Product Strategy, provide the diagram on future plant strategy, meeting new requirements of sustainability, digitalization, and transparency.

Engineer, Procure, Construct

Preparing for the “Plant of the Future” is a new imperative

As the world emerges changed by the Covid-19 shutdowns, connecting people, processes, and assets across the asset lifecycle is essential. Has the oil and gas industry fallen behind in its digital transformation?

In this webinar, Building the Plant of the Future: A “How to” Guide, part 2 of our two-part webinar series (part 1 here), we evaluate the drivers of this rapid market transformation, survey the challenges, and talk through the steps to achieving regulatory requirements, digital transformation, and the transition to the cloud through AVEVA’s EPC 4.0 approach.

What will I learn in this webinar?

  • Future and existing plant strategies
  • A proven framework to drive greater engineering and execution quality and efficiency
  • Importance of a culture of data-centric, integrated, collaborative working
  • Requirements for building and maintaining Digital Twins on greenfield and brownfield projects

The webinar will also discuss:

  • Why Digital Twins should be about a new world of work
  • The digitalization migration path
  • Unifying engineering, execution, and learning

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Julien De Beer

Head of Product Strategy, AVEVA

Julien has been in the engineering technology business for more than 25 years and is currently responsible for defining AVEVA’s product and solutions strategy in its Engineering Business Unit, which covers Process Simulation solutions, Engineering & Design solutions, Material Management solutions, Construction Management solutions, Contract Risk Management solutions and Operator Training Simulation solutions. He joined AVEVA in 2003 in the Paris office, where he helped grow the regional business as Business Development Manager and later as Project Manager for one of AVEVA’s key customers. During this time Julien also operated at multiple customer locations to manage and ensure efficient execution of their projects. In 2012 Julien joined the Portfolio Management team, looking after the strategy for the Engineering & Schematics products and is since responsible for the complete suite of AVEVA’s Engineering Business Unit solutions. Julien is a Mechanical Engineer by education and worked for about 8 years with mechanical engineering analysis and design solutions prior to joining AVEVA

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