How to expand the role of HMI beyond operator process graphics

On-Demand Webinar

Monitor and Control

Be it phone, tablet or computer - see how you can access your HMI from anywhere.

What you will learn from this Webinar:

  • How to use our low-cost web solution that fully leverages ArchestrA Graphics and vector-based technology. 
  • How to reduce HMI application engineering time to a fraction of its current investment.
  • How to design applications in multiple target resolutions and deploy seamlessly.
  • How to access your HMI from any HTML5 web browser, even your smartphone.

Brian Martin

Senior System Consultant, AVEVA

Brian joined Wonderware in 1996 as an Application Engineer. Within the AVEVA organization, Brian has held various roles mostly associated with the technical sales organization. Keeping close to customer needs has always been the focus of Brian's work. His continual interaction with customers allows Brian to relay real world requirements back to Product Management. Currently, Brian’s responsibilities include technical sales support for the indirect sales channel with a focus on the east coast of North America covering all the Wonderware branded products.

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