Webinar: Improve your water and wastewater assets and operations without adding IT costs

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Water and Wastewater

Getting access to water and wastewater asset and operational data has traditionally been cumbersome: control systems are closed, granting external access is costly, and the information they provide does not meet the needs of corporate or casual users. Having multiple, disparate data sources – on premises or in the cloud e.g. smart sensors – make it difficult to get a full view of operations. And getting operational reports into the hands of the people who need it – when, and where they need it – has been laborious and time consuming. These snapshots in time are then out of date before you even press send on the report!

Watch our webinar to learn how to Improve Operational Performance of your water and waste water assets without adding IT costs!

In this webinar you will learn how the City of Ashland is using cloud enabled solutions to overcome all these issues without CAPEX or expensive project costs, and how to use AVEVA Insight to:

  • Consolidate all their operational data in one location, no matter the source, without increasing fixed IT costs.
  • Report, access, analyze and share asset and operations data securely, across the organization

Get the actionable information they need to empower data-driven decisions

  • Access information 24/7 on desktop, tablet, mobile and even wearables to enable remote triaging of situations
  • Utilize built-in analytics to identify hidden opportunities for reducing operational costs, increasing asset performance and driving better service results.


Steve Burkhalter
Public Works Asset Management, City of Ashland

Manuel Parra
Business Development Director, WWW Software Solutions, AVEVA

Elliott Middleton
Director, Product Management, AVEVA

Watch the on-demand webinar!

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Webinar: Improve your water and wastewater assets and operations without adding IT costs

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