Increase Operational Agility in Food and Beverage Plants with Centralized Visualization Platform

A centralized visualization platform enables operational agility!

Food and Beverage, CPG

Food and beverage manufacturers are constantly challenged to keep up with production, maintain quality and food safety while minimizing waste and resource use. Operational agility remains critical to meet these challenges, demanding real-time visibility across operations to support operations personnel in making timely and accurate decisions.

Today's IIoT technology offers a competitive edge by enabling easy data collection from disparate sources from within the factory and across the value chain, provide contextualized information in real-time. Visualization of this broadly distributed data set, via a centralized platform, enables manufacturers to seize opportunities to improve operations and processes quickly and effectively.

Watch our webinar to learn:

  • What are the digital tools to enable an operation-wide visualization of operations data
  • Situational awareness to enable rapid response to events in your day-to-day operations
  • Zoom into details to identify root causes and uncover areas of improvements
  • How a food and beverage manufacturer achieved significant improvements in collaborations and response time

Duration: One Hour

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Keith Chambers

VP of Operations Management Software

Keith Chambers is responsible for strategic direction, commercialization and development for AVEVA's operations management portfolio globally. Keith has over 20 years’ experience in the automation, software and MES business with a focus on manufacturing operations software in the food and beverage, CPG and life sciences industries.


Ashley Dawson

General Manager, Crossmuller’s System Integration

Ashley is the General Manager of Crossmuller’s System Integration – an AVEVA Endorsed Wonderware Systems Integrator with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. Ashley has 20 years' experience delivering automation, integration and digital transformation projects for customers in the food and beverage and manufacturing industries both in Australia and overseas. Ashley is passionate about enabling successful Australian Manufacturing through the smart application of technology.

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