Reliability Insider Series: Demystifying Predictive Maintenance in the Cloud

Predictive Maintenance solutions don't have to be complicated or overwhelming

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In this episode of Reliability Insider, we explore Predictive Maintenance in the Cloud.

Predictive maintenance solutions can save companies hundreds of millions of dollars in early warning catches, reduced downtime, and averted maintenance and repairs and yet, the commitment to implement predictive maintenance solutions seems daunting to many organizations. They worry about the time and disruption to implement a solution, high infrastructure costs, overly complicated data and analytics, and the skills and training needed for workers to use and manage these solutions. Worse yet, many business leaders feel pressured to rapidly implement digital solutions that they don't fully understand. To adjust to and survive dynamically evolving workforce requirements and market trends a proven solution is required.

Duration: 1 hour

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Christie Chaney
Sr. Portfolio Marketing Manager, Asset Performance Management - AVEVA

In her role as APM Portfolio Marketing Manager for AVEVA, Christie is responsible for global marketing strategy, commercialization, and development for AVEVA's asset maintenance and operations product portfolio. Prior to joining AVEVA, Christie was a Senior Marketing Manager for Pelco by Schneider Electric, where she led multiple transformative marketing initiatives across the company's product portfolio and industries, including Smart Cities, Transportation, Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing. Christie also served as a Brand Manager for Hewlett Packard in the consumer notebook space.


Justin Thomas
Sr. Director, Asset Performance Management, Planning and Operations Global Channel Sales - AVEVA

With over 12 years of delivering asset performance management solutions to customers, Justin has held business development roles supporting APAC, EMEA, Latin America, North America, and Global Accounts. Justin currently interfaces between field channel, marketing, and the AVEVA APM / P&O business unit to lead the sales strategy, campaigns, and go to market initiatives for the APM / P&O channel businesses.


François Richard
Global Industry Lead, Manufacturing - Microsoft

François Richard, Industry Director at Microsoft, is focused on Digital transformation projects within large international Manufacturing companies in Europe. He has over 30 years of experience supporting Automotive and other Manufacturing, such as Industrial Equipment or Aerospace, with recognized contributions to JIT and Lean manufacturing, advanced supply chain or connected cars initiatives. Passionate about digital innovation, he engages on modern engineering, Industry 4.0 / intelligent production and supply chain projects, leveraging the possibilities offered by AI, Cloud & Edge, Augmented Reality or Industrial IoT, with Microsoft and partners (ISV and system integrators) solutions, Sustainability is a key personal interest François likes to engage and add in all engagements. Prior to Microsoft, François has worked for other major global technology, business and IT consulting companies. François holds a Master's degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture from ESTP Paris France.


Terrence O'Hanlon
Founder and Publisher - Uptime Magazine

Terrance is the Founder and Publisher of Uptime Magazine. He authors topics for Asset Management, Reliability, Digital Twins and IIot. Terrance is a member for ISO 55000 and for Dependability. He is the Executive Director for Reliability Leadership Foundation and for the Association of Asset Management Professionals.

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