Risky Business in CAPEX Projects

Contract risk management experts from AVEVA and WorldCC discuss how technology can identify and mitigate the hazards that lead to Risky Business in CAPEX projects.

Engineer, Procure, Construct

98% of large, capital-intensive projects are delivered late, and 80% are over budget due to poorly managed risk. Detecting the threats early in the delivery cycle prevents your project from entering Risky Business. From conception to governance, learn how to avoid confusion, misaligned teams, and poor project insights.

Melanie Fontenot, Senior Technical Consultant for AVEVA™ Contract Risk Management along with Paul Branch, WorldCC Chief Technology Officer, will show how a successful customer implementation of applied predictive risks analytics can dramatically reduce the operational risks in a contract.

In this webinar, you will learn how you can:

  • Leverage analytics to predict and remediate project issues and unplanned events
  • Reduce unexpected and unpredicted contract risks which can delay CAPEX projects
  • Manage obligations to work for you, not against you.

Three Reasons to Watch:

  • Hear tactical steps to achieve tight alignment and transparency among project parties and the commercial agreements between them at all stages of your project;
  • Learn ways you can reduce friction-points in the delivery cycle by automating project status updates and successfully defending against claims and disputes;
  • Identify ways to improve overall project and contract performance through advanced KPI tracking and reporting.

Duration: One Hour

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Melanie Fontenot

Technical Consultant, AVEVA

Melanie Fontenot is a Technical Consultant for the AVEVA ProCon contract risk management solution. She has been with AVEVA for the past four years and is responsible for advising on customer adoption of the solution and for providing implementation support. Prior to joining AVEVA, she spent 15 years working in the Procurement and Contracts departments at EPC firms, primarily focused within the oil and gas market.


Paul Branch

Chief Technology Officer, WORLDCC

Paul Branch is a seasoned practitioner of the CCM discipline, with over 34 years of experience in the complex, IT Services sector, running organizations that provided both buy-and sell-side capabilities. Paul has supported major mergers and acquisition activities and is a recognized ‘Expert’ in post-award contract management. Paul brings proven business acumen, innovative thinking and collaborative team working to benefit our association and its members. Paul has been involved with the WORLDCC for many years. He led the WORLDCC Telecommunication/IT community group and is a regular speaker and moderator at conferences and webinars. He served on the WORLDCC Board of Directors, as both a Non-Executive Director and Officer. He is a WORLDCC Expert Practitioner and Fellow.

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