Webinar - Route to a Digital Shipyard

Learn why integration is key to improving efficiency


Make sure your projects are on time and on budget

Integration is critical across all aspects of the shipbuilding process. Join this webinar to learn how integrated shipbuilding processes play an important part in the digital transformation strategy.

Implementing an integrated shipbuilding strategy can help:

  • Increase project quality
  • Reduce project cost and time to deliver
  • Efficient work processes across disciplines
  • Get the right information, right resource, at the right time and at the right place

David Thomson, Improvements Evangelist, AR VR Programme, will dive into how an integrated and efficient shipbuilding process can help shipyards to deliver projects within shorter lead-time and within lower budget. He will also discuss the benefits, how AVEVA can help , how the integrated shipbuilding solution works and the implementation process.

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David Thomson

Improvements Evangelist, AR VR Programme

After graduating as a Naval Architect David has held a variety of roles in leading software vendors and IT consultancy companies where he has specialized in shipbuilding CAD/CAM and Product Lifecycle Management. After joining AVEVA in 2008 David has held a variety of roles including Enterprise Solution strategy, Innovation and business development. David is currently an Improvements Evangelist for the Marine industry.

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Webinar - Route to a Digital Shipyard

Watch the webinar to learn how integrated shipbuilding processes play an important part in the Digital Transformation strategy. Listen to the benefits, how ...

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