How the Shell Scotford Complex uses OTS to stay modern

Learn how to reduce downtime and cut operator training time in half by practising upsets in the OTS at any time.

Digital Twin

The Shell Scotford Complex is one of North America's most efficient, modern and integrated hydrocarbon processing sites, converting oil sands bitumen into marketable products. It includes a bitumen upgrader, oil refinery, chemicals plant, and carbon capture and storage facility. For more than a decade, Operator Training Simulators (OTS) from AVEVA have helped increase efficiency, safety, and profitability. The popular OTS program continues to drive Shell Scotford into the future as automation and run-lengths increase and new technologies become profit centers.

Watch the webinar to hear how the Shell Scotford Complex:

  • Cut operator training time in half by practicing upsets in the OTS at any time
  • Implemented procedures to reduce downtime for decoking turnarounds from 2.5 months a year to once every four years
  • Validated a new control system for a highly dynamic process in the OTS
  • Prepares for the future with VR training and remote project execution

Duration: One Hour


Earl Wallace, Production Learning Advisor - Shell Scotford Complex

Earl Wallace is Production Learning Advisor for the Shell Scotford Manufacturing Complex. He has more than 35 years' experience in process operations with 13+ years involved with operator training simulators. Earl has led the specification, acceptance, and utilization of simulators for several different processes in refining, chemical production, and carbon capture.

Ganesh Venkataramanan, VP Technical Sales, Americas - AVEVA

Ganesh Venkataramanan is AVEVA's Vice President of Technical Sales for the Americas region. He uses his 20+ years' experience in simulation, modeling, and advanced technology solutions to help customers accelerate industrial Digital Transformation.

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