How Sub-Zero put the freeze on paper processes and errors

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Operate and Optimise

Sub-Zero digitally transforms its work processes using an MES

A pioneer of the home refrigeration market, Sub-Zero meets individual customer needs for its high-end products by offering many different models with custom options.

This approach to assembling volume products with a large range of variations, according to customer specification, requires a manufacturing flexibility that doesn't compromise Sub-Zero's high quality standards and productivity levels.

Learn how Sub-Zero uses a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to digitally transform its work processes and achieve the trifecta of manufacturing goals: improve product quality, reduce cost and elevate customer satisfaction.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Enforce production processes and reduce rework
  • Standardize work processes to empower a changing workforce
  • Produce more SKU's and variants on a production line
  • Achieve pattern recognition for quality assurance
  • Secure customer satisfaction and enable customer care with component traceability

Duration: One Hour

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Benji Dehn
Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Sub-Zero

Benji Dehn is a Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Sub-Zero Group, Inc, where he leads their assembly engineering, technologies and manufacturing controls teams. He has focused on the implementation of a consistent, internally supported, MES solution across refrigeration, cooking and dishwasher manufacturing lines in their Fitchburg, Wisconsin and Goodyear, Arizona facilities. Benji holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a MBA from Concordia University Wisconsin.

Keith Chambers
Vice President, Operations Management Software, AVEVA

Keith Chambers is responsible for strategic direction, commercialization and development for AVEVA's operations management portfolio globally. Keith has over 20 years experience in the automation, software and MES business with a focus on manufacturing operations software in the food and beverage, CPG and life sciences industries.

Michael Grasley
Chief Innovation Officer, Callisto Integration

Michael is the Chief Innovation Officer for Callisto Integration where he and his team identify opportunities for business and operational improvements and create innovative solutions that can be deployed at scale to ensure those improvements are realized.

He works in best practices for manufacturing information and automation systems, integration of plant floor and corporate systems, and the development of long-term manufacturing information system plans. Michael is a professional engineer, has served on the board of MESA, and has published with the ISA-95/MESA working group.

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