The Impact of New Advanced Process Control Trends

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Achieve peak performance in minerals processing operations

In today’s economic environment, Mining, Minerals & Metals companies are faced with volatile market swings and increasing operating costs. Minerals processing operators are constantly challenged with maximizing production rates, yields, energy efficiency, and process stability.

At AVEVA, we understand the impact of new Advanced Process Control (APC) trends on minerals processing operations. APC has proven to be an effective tool for improving operations by capturing the full process capabilities consistently, as well as enhancing process stability and reliability. This webinar will discuss the new technology developments that have improved the usability and adaptability of APC applications, innovative approaches to designing, implementing and sustaining the applications and how this technology has had a positive impact on mineral processing operations.

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Bill Poe

Sr. Principal Technical Consultant, AVEVA

Bill Poe is a Senior Principal Technical Consultant with AVEVA in Houston, Texas, responsible for developing operations performance improvement solutions. He has over 30 years of experience in operations, implementation and management of APC, optimization and real-time performance monitoring projects in the Oil & Gas industry. Bill has developed, implemented and managed numerous APC and optimization projects.

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