Webinar - The Productivity Gap in Capital Projects - Reduce Error, Risk and Delay with an EPC 4.0 Strategy

Increase awareness of productivity challenges in capital projects

Engineer, Procure, Construct

Increase Awareness and Adopt an EPC 4.0 Strategy

Over the last two decades most industries have seen significant productivity increases by adopting new digital technology, redefining their work processes and educating their people. However, in capital projects and the construction industry productivity has remained at the same level since the 90’s.

Join this webinar to learn how an EPC 4.0 strategy can help you leverage Industry 4.0 technology, adapt your work processes accordingly and enable your workforce to collaborate and take control of the data reducing the risk for errors, delays and increased project cost throughout the asset life cycle.

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Amish Sabharwal

Executive Vice President, Engineering Business

Amish Sabharwal has 24 years of experience in North American and Internationally within the Oil and Gas, Power and Petrochemical industries. His first 4 years was spent as a Plant Operations Engineer with Japan Energy Corporation in Tokyo implementing technologies such as simulation, operator training systems, and advanced process control. Over the past 20 years, Amish has become a strategist helping Owner Operators, EPC and suppliers to leverage technology to drive change to their business models. Prior to AVEVA Amish served as the Canadian Sales Manager for Aspen Technologies and Director of Sales for Honeywell Automation and Control. Amish has been with AVEVA now for the past 8 years and in January 2017 joined AVEVA’s Executive team responsible for the Americas Sales Operations. Today, Amish is now a member of the Executive Operating team as the Head of the Engineering Business Unit. Amish is a professional engineer who holds a Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of California and a B.Sc. from the University of Calgary.

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